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Today's Positive Thought
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Are you beating your head against a brick wall?

Equanimity: the capacity to accept that sometimes life simply is what it is.

We fight against this reality.

We want life to be the way we want it to be, we want people to behave the way we expect them to behave. And when that doesn’t happen, we become disappointed, disillusioned, frustrated, angry.

And does that change things? Probably not.

Learning equanimity doesn’t mean that we just accept everything. Some things we can change or, if we can’t, perhaps we can adapt our expectations.

But sometimes life just happens. Like an unforeseen accident, the loss of a career, or the death of a loved one. Life can throw us daggers that we can’t avoid and this can be painful. And at times like that, it’s good to remember that sometimes life simply is what it is.

And when what is hurts, it’s OK to grieve.

Equanimity doesn’t mean that you don’t feel pain. Pain is a human sensation, an emotion we can’t deny. But when we experience it in it’s purity, without the attached narrative “it shouldn’t be like this”, then it passes. And it’s empowering to watch it pass; even if it returns a little while later, we know we can allow it to pass again. The narrative only serves to prolong one’s suffering. The phrase “it shouldn’t be like this” makes no sense when the reality is that this is what it is.

Equanimity is accepting that we can’t control everything in our lives. Good happens, bad happens. And we can find peace in getting out of our heads where our thoughts proliferate, globalise and catastrophise, and mindfully getting back into our bodies – into the place where feelings reside, where the truth lives. And when the feelings pass, as they will, peace returns.

So you know that it’s important to exercise regularly and keep your body fit, flexible and healthy, but have you considered...

How fit and flexible is your mind?

Is it flexible enough to withstand the stress of modern day living? Would it help you to have on hand some simple tools that could help you regain your equilibrium in just a few minutes?

A Personal Trainer For Your Mind

can teach you practical life skills to empower you manage everyday challenges such as:

  • stop smoking, drinking
  • decrease stress & anxiety
  • sleep more soundly
  • manage chronic pain
  • lose weight
  • improve self-image
  • study more effectively to improve your grades
  • improve concentration to achieve those targets at work
Personal Trainer for Your Mind

is based on the concepts of Positive Psychology which is the study of human strengths,
because it’s much easier to focus on and enhance the things you do right in your life than to tackle head on changing the things you struggle with

Positive Psychology (also known as the science of happiness) is the scientific study of optimal human functioning, ie the strengths and virtues that enable us to thrive. It is the study of what allows some people to succeed and rise above difficult situations, while others falter; what makes some people view the glass as half full, while others see it as half empty.

Positive Psychology is a serious scientific discipline based on solid, empirical research. It is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

Why is a Positive Attitude Important?

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How Can You Develop a More Positive Attitude?

So how do we achieve this optimistic attitude to life, if we were not lucky enough to be born with it?
Certainly genetics plays a role. All parents know that some children are born with a cheery disposition whilst others…

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