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If you have a teenager in your family preparing for the NSW School Certificate or Higher School Certificate exams this year you and they may be feeling some stress or anxiety. When young people feel under pressure to perform well at school, this anxiety is carried home and family members sometimes find themselves bouncing off each other’s stress levels, often making it worse for each other.

Staying Mindful of the situation helps one to keep perspective – there is life after HSC, even when the outcomes are not the desired one. And this clinging to a particular result causes suffering for both the students and their families.

Meditation increases focus & concentration, allowing one to “clear” the brain of clutter. Mindfulness teaches the futility of clinging to outcomes that are not entirely within our own control. After all, consider all the variables that go into a final exam outcome, over which there is no control: e.g. who else is sitting that exam across the state and how prepared they are, what are the cut-off marks for university courses this year.

Clinging to an outcome can cause unnecessary suffering. Rather, relax and do the best you can – and you will certainly do better if you relax, as the relaxed brain is clearer and more focused.

Learning Mindfulness Meditation can help. Four week courses (held each Monday at 4:15pm) are available each month in Double Bay. Click here for more information or email judith@yourmindcoach.com.au

So you know that it’s important to exercise regularly and keep your body fit, flexible and healthy, but have you considered...

How fit and flexible is your mind?

Is it flexible enough to withstand the stress of modern day living? Would it help you to have on hand some simple tools that could help you regain your equilibrium in just a few minutes?

A Personal Trainer For Your Mind

can teach you practical life skills to empower you manage everyday challenges such as:

  • stop smoking, drinking
  • decrease stress & anxiety
  • sleep more soundly
  • manage chronic pain
  • lose weight
  • improve self-image
  • study more effectively to improve your grades
  • improve concentration to achieve those targets at work
Personal Trainer for Your Mind

is based on the concepts of Positive Psychology which is the study of human strengths,
because it’s much easier to focus on and enhance the things you do right in your life than to tackle head on changing the things you struggle with

Positive Psychology (also known as the science of happiness) is the scientific study of optimal human functioning, ie the strengths and virtues that enable us to thrive. It is the study of what allows some people to succeed and rise above difficult situations, while others falter; what makes some people view the glass as half full, while others see it as half empty.

Positive Psychology is a serious scientific discipline based on solid, empirical research. It is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

Why is a Positive Attitude Important?

The study of Positivity is a growing field within the discipline of Positive Psychology. In particular, the work of Barbara Frederickson has quantified the ratio of optimum positive to negative emotions that we should be feeling every day as 3:1, in order to enhance a sense of well-being in our lives. Increasing your positive thoughts […]

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How Can You Develop a More Positive Attitude?

So how do we achieve this optimistic attitude to life, if we were not lucky enough to be born with it? Certainly genetics plays a role. All parents know that some children are born with a cheery disposition whilst others need more encouragement to see the brighter side of situations. But a positive attitude can […]

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