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Judith Lissing, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation Coach, Double Bay, Sydney

Hypnotherapy for improved sports performance works on the principles of sports visualisation, as used by many sports psychologists.

During sports visualisation your mind is rehearsing your physical skills as well as the goal you want to achieve.  Rehearsing in the mind is a bit like standing in front of one of those crazy mirrors at Luna Park.  Many people stand in front of the one that makes them look distorted (this is what people with low esteem do in their minds every day). Or you can choose to stand in front of a mirror that makes you look better, one that makes you look the way you want to be, the way you know you can be – and with practice it becomes so real that your unconscious mind can believe it.

If you’re already training physically and are passionate about your sport you’ll know that elite athletes routinely use visual images as an important part of their athletic training. These images may be not only visual but also auditory (sound), kinesthetic (tactile, touch) and emotional.  In other words, they see, feel, hear and sense their skills and their victory as part of their overall training routine. This mental training not only improves an athlete’s focus and concentration but also helps to re-wire the brain in the same manner as physical training does, thereby enhancing the athlete’s overall performance.

Visualisation can also be used to continue the training process during times of injury or illness, when physical training must be slowed down or temporarily ceased.

Your Personal Trainer for Your Mind will start with hypnotherapy to remove any subconscious blocks you may have, enhance your self-image and self-belief.  You will learn how to incorporate all your senses in the visualisation process and develop a mental training schedule for maximum benefit.  You may also choose to enrol in our Mindfulness Meditation Program to further enhance your mental training program.

When I first heard about meditation I didn’t have a clue what to expect. All I had heard in the past is that it is good for teaching your mind to focus at its best, and in boxing 100% focus is required, as one mistake could lead to losing a fight!
In the last year I’ve had to go through surgery almost every month because of a serious injury, and at first I was told I would never be able to fight again! I didn’t accept that and went off seeking ways to make a comeback. Now when you’re an elite and passionate athlete and a doctor suggests retirement it is very hard to take mentally!

I found a very good surgeon that had dealt with similar situations as mine and who is a very positive person! But that wasn’t enough to help me get by mentally and physically and I was suffering anxiety, depression, and always feeling very negative.

When I began meditating with Judy Lissing I picked up the technique quickly and gained a good understanding of it, and with just a few classes I was connecting with my inner peace! My positive thoughts that I had resisted were activated and have become very helpful! Ongoing meditation has helped me to be more positive, improved my sleep and has helped me to concentrate with my sport and everyday life. It’s something I will keep doing all my life!

Dominic, Professional Boxer

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