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Weight and Image Issues

Judith Lissing, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation Coach, Double Bay, Sydney

Helping weight loss and image issues with hypnotherapy

Overweight & obesity in adults and children has become a major health problem in most western countries. The health implications of obesity and obesity-related disease is costing every country dearly in their health budget.

Obesity is characterised by too much body fat for a person’s weight and height. Overweight and obesity are caused by taking in more calories than the amount expended.  These extra calories may start small, but year by year the amount of residual unused calories (converted into fat) builds up, and so does the weight.  This is usually due to poor diet (high levels of fat and sugar) coupled with a lack of physical exercise. The effects of overweight and obesity are both physical and mental. Obese adults and obese children can suffer with high blood pressure, bone and joint deficiency, diabetes, breathing difficulties and heart failure. The psychological factors from overeating include lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Hypnosis can help with weight management and improve self-image

There are numerous treatments for excessive weight but the most important factor to overcome is excessive eating and lack of activity. Reducing weight lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However, we all know that it can be difficult to stick to diets and exercise regimes. For someone who has formed bad eating habits, and has a sedentary lifestyle losing weight and getting fit is easier said than done.

Many people have weight problems because they have emotions attached to eating, their subconscious has formed habits that are hard to break or they have been conditioned to overeat or comfort-eat from an early age. Overeating through emotional reasons can be due to stress, boredom, feeling lonely, reward or punishment. Subconscious eating may happen without the person being aware of the quantity of food they are taking in and this may be followed by feelings of guilt about not sticking to their “diet”.

If this sounds familiar, you may consider hypnosis to help remove that feeling of “being stuck”.  Hypnotherapy works on a subconscious level where emotions, habits and behaviours are deep rooted in the mind. People on diets can consciously make an effort to change their eating habits, but if the problem is anchored firmly in the subconscious it may be difficult to access and alter.

A hypnotherapist can help tackle obesity and assist weight management

A structured hypnotherapy program for weight management can succeed in overcoming weight issues by turning the negative feelings and habits associated with food into positive ones. The hypnotherapist can help boost confidence and self-esteem and block the cravings for fatty and sugary foods. Hypnosis can install the desire to succeed with a diet and exercise regime.

Training the mind to choose healthy foods and exercise regularly can succeed where other methods fail. Hypnotherapy places positive healthy habits into the subconscious and effectively removes issues that may be preventing you from moving forward in overcoming your weight issues.

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