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Judith Lissing, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation Coach, Double Bay, Sydney

You probably know that the human resource in your business is the most important resource you have.

You’d be aware that if staff are unhappy, your productivity falls and turnover rises. This means wasted time and money in recruitment and retraining.  Happy staff are usually more creative and more productive than unhappy staff. Happy teams are more cohesive and achieve more in their working hours.

So how do you enhance staff happiness?

Positive Psychology, the study of optimal human functioning, teaches us that there are many simple tools to build staff happiness. And it’s often not related to how much money they earn. After earning enough to cover their basic expenses, most people want to be appreciated and to find meaning and purpose in their work.
Appreciation and meaning are only 2 of the many tools that can help build positivity in the workplace.  Another is Mindfulness, and this has the added benefit of enhancing empathy and intuition in your team. And a positive, empathetic workplace is usually a stable and resilient one.

Perhaps you’d like to learn more by inviting us to present to your executive team ways in which we can help you enhance positivity at your workplace.

Judith is available to Speak at

  • Workplace Seminars
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Community groups

Suggested topics include

  • Balancing Work-Life with Mindfulness
  • Building Positivity in the Workplace
  • Staying Mindful in a Busy Life
  • Mindfulness in Education
  • Using Mindful Meditation to Manage Pain & Anxiety

All seminars are individually tailored to suit your specific needs.

Judith will also train your staff in Mindfulness Meditation at your workplace or community meeting place, during or after work hours or on weekends.

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A new program is now available called Mindfulness Based Strengths Practice (MBSP).  This multi-week workshop is about engaging more deeply with life. It addresses self-awareness and self-discovery by combining two powerful and popular approaches that are being used in schools, clinics, universities, scientific labs, and businesses worldwide: Mindfulness meditation and character strengths.  This course teaches the basics of mindfulness and of character strengths and offers practical ways to integrate the two. It presents a unique angle to living one’s best life, re-discovering happiness, achieving goals, finding deeper meaning & life engagement, & coping with problems.

For more information on how to conduct a Mindfulness Based Strengths Practice workshop at your workplace click here or call 0433 496 390.


Recently, Judith addressed a group of patients and their carers in a support group setting. They are at varying stages of recovery from treatment for an incurable disease. Judith introduced them to the principles of mindfulness, how to apply these to their personal lives and situations and talked them through simple meditations to deal with stressors such as pain. Anonymous feedback from participants was very positive with a number asking for more sessions. Evidence of the appreciation of the session was born out in the relaxed snoring of a number of participants in the concluding meditation.

Jocelyn, Registered Nurse

When I suggested running an internal ‘mindfulness’ meditation session, I was quite surprised by the level of interest my colleagues showed. Those who attended on the night weren’t entirely sure what to expect, but any apprehension quickly faded. The group were very engaged from start to finish. They enjoyed the discussion of the scientific principles and research that you brought to bear in designing your meditation techniques and, more broadly, the types of situations that your techniques are designed to address. Once the session was completed, we had a very productive discussion about how the techniques we learnt might be used in different aspects of our business – including our client engagements and achieving greater productivity and harmony within project teams.

Mark Neely, Business Design & Innovation Consultant
ThoughtWorks Australia

I much appreciated your seminar given to our group of Solicitors recently. I believe your perspectives on various psychological manifestations were very insightful and have significant application to all professional groups who are desirous of improving the individual’s personal experiences in the workplace and in the development of their general business philosophies.

In particular, your core principles and training in positive cognitive reactions to various issues as they arise in the profession business world can only be interpreted as likely to improve personal relationships and interactive experiences of individuals with the concomitant result of improved business environments.

I would encourage all professional groups to avail themselves of your various skills and insights as part of the regular training programmes..

Robert, Solicitor

I highly recommend Judith as a professional speaker for a seminar or event. Her insights into Managing Stress, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness were extremely informative. Her presentation was quite inspiring and our participants received huge value. She went over and above the extra mile for me and my event. Her dedication to the event and its attendees was amazing.

Monica Brewer, Director
SHE Business Inner West

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