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My husband and I both attended one of Judy’s Mindfulness Meditation courses and found it both comprehensive and easy to follow. It incorporated valuable techniques and life skills to manage stress and promote positivity, as well as the opportunity to develop a sound meditation practice. I found it really fascinating and motivating learning about the amazing benefits that meditation provides us, both physically and mentally. I cannot imagine anyone not benefitting from this. Judy is an eminently qualified and experienced facilitator in this field and obviously loves what she does.

Jenny & Daryl, Airline Pilot

The combined theory and practice elements of our mindfulness mediation course were exactly the right balance. Judy has an amazing ability to take you on a journey and remind you that although we always think of our physical self first, we need to place equal importance on the health of our minds too. A highly recommended 5 week experience!

Megan, HR Manager

Recently, Judith addressed a group of patients and their carers in a support group setting. They are at varying stages of recovery from treatment for an incurable disease. Judith introduced them to the principles of mindfulness, how to apply these to their personal lives and situations and talked them through simple meditations to deal with stressors such as pain. Anonymous feedback from participants was very positive with a number asking for more sessions. Evidence of the appreciation of the session was born out in the relaxed snoring of a number of participants in the concluding meditation.

Jocelyn, Registered Nurse

Meditation & Mindfulness have moved from a concept to a reality thanks to this very accessible course.

Olivia, Actress

Judith, thank you for giving me the skill & gift of meditation; I am learning to deal with stress so much better than before. I have also started to notice so much more just by being mindful.

Vaia, Beauty Therapist

Judy, I would like to tell you you changed my life …. honestly, I feel I am on the right track to heal my body.

I meditate every single day, because I feel I need that moment. Also, I am changing my mindset: I want to live in the moment. I try to be mindful of most of my activities. Life is just much better that way ! I am very interested in reading books about meditation, while 2 months ago I didn’t feel like reading about this topic.

Regarding my health, I had no other flare up since last May , and I want to believe I will heal my body by myself ! I am so happy ! My fitness is better too, that’s fantastic ! I was able to attend a spinning class last week, I impressed myself !

Nathalie, Personal Trainer

I started Judy’s Mindfulness Meditation Course in the hope that Meditation would help me cope with chronic pain and an auto-immune condition that I have., and the challenges associated with living with such conditions on a day to day basis. I found Judy to have an excellent teaching style; her warmth and natural ability to guide our Group had me looking forward to every class.  I am so impressed with Judy that I will continue seeing her privately.  I now meditate daily and have found that I can reduce some of the effects of chronic pain. I feel calmer and have noticed that my memory has improved. I have no hesitation in recommending Judy to anyone who is interested in Mindfulness Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Visualisation.


Lisa, Secretary (semi-retired)

Life is crazy and hectic, but Mindfulness has saved me!

Sharon, Graphic Designer

I am a new client working with Judy through Skype as I don’t live in Sydney but really wanted to benefit from her meditation coaching services.

Skype works really well for us – even to the point of Judy taking me through meditation exercises and hypnotherapy. I feel I am getting close to the same level of benefit using Skype that I would in person – and I can do it in my own home.

Judy offers just what I was looking for but couldn’t find in my own area and Skype makes it work!

Kate, Public Servant

I first sought out Judy to help me in dealing with escalating back pain. However, the day before my appointment with her I was diagnosed with cancer and I was immediately hospitalised. When my partner rang to cancel the appointment Judy kindly offered to meet and consult with me in hospital. Clearly the nature of the challenge had widened to not only assist me to learn to meditate and manage pain, but also to assist me to manage a confronting medical diagnosis.

The power of our mind to assist us in dealing with the emotional aspects of a health problem and to also actively assist the healing process itself is something that I knew intuitively, but Judy was invaluable in assisting me to make it real and keep me and my attitude on track. She helped me and my partner come to terms emotionally with what I was dealing with and therefore gave my body the best chance for the medicine to do its job.

I can unequivocally say that with daily practice meditation can become an invaluable tool in dealing with, not only any medical conditions, but all aspects of life, I feel fortunate to have met Judy. Her visits to hospital, subsequently to my home and now regular sessions in her rooms, have helped me enormously. She has a style, gentleness, experience, knowledge and energy about her that makes her easy to relate to and therefore to learn from.

Gary, Investment Banker

Dear Judy, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful sessions I had with you and the positive techniques and tools you have taught me through meditation, mindfulness training, hypnotherapy and visualisation.

I came to a major turning point in my life which made me look at old negative behaviours and the anxiety I was carrying around which literally affected all aspects of my life and from going within through meditation and the practice of mindfulness I am much more calmer and aware of all the beauty of our world.

Idle worrying and negative thought patterns took over at one stage which disconnected me from my true self and now I see a glass half full rather than half empty.

At first meditation was challenging but at my own pace I have received enormous benefits and peace in my daily life. I thoroughly recommend everyone to incorporate this in their daily routine as I did in my life. I call it the silent healer. It is the stillness of the mind that gives clarity to life and all that life has to offer.

Mindfulness is also another way of being in the here and now, where you are more aware of your surroundings rather than taking that time to think and get overwhelmed with the rush and demands of our daily existence.
I also appreciate your compassionate and caring counselling through these times.

I wish you all the success in your endeavour to help others.

Maria, Restaurant Owner

Before I arrived to Judy I suffered terrible headaches, mostly migraines, on a daily basis that made my everyday life very difficult to cope with. With patience and real talent and motivation to help, with professional tools, Judy taught me how to relax and my headaches these days are very rare or better almost none.

I also attended the meditation course which was extremely well presented and very relevant to my personal life and ability to cope with difficulties. I now know several different ways to meditate. I mostly enjoyed the vivid examples Judy used to teach us how to relax and how to meditate. It gave me insight into things I didn’t think about before.
Great trainer and training that will definitely help me improve my lifestyle and cope with difficulties.

Overall: excellent!”

Danielle, Administrative Officer

Judy has a calming influence around her and a nice sense of humour. I found her examples very helpful and learning about mindfulness was interesting and helpful. Mostly I enjoyed sitting peacefully and meditating and feeling great.

Vivian, Scientist

When I first heard about meditation I didn’t have a clue what to expect. All I had heard in the past is that it is good for teaching your mind to focus at its best, and in boxing 100% focus is required, as one mistake could lead to losing a fight!

In the last year I’ve had to go through surgery almost every month because of a serious injury, and at first I was told I would never be able to fight again! I didn’t accept that and went off seeking ways to make a comeback. Now when you’re an elite and passionate athlete and a doctor suggests retirement it is very hard to take mentally!
I found a very good surgeon that had dealt with similar situations as mine and who is a very positive person! But that wasn’t enough to help me get by mentally and physically and I was suffering anxiety, depression, and always feeling very negative.

When I began meditating with Judy Lissing I picked up the technique quickly and gained a good understanding of it, and with just a few classes I was connecting with my inner peace! My positive thoughts that I had resisted were activated and have become very helpful! Ongoing meditation has helped me to be more positive, improved my sleep and has helped me to concentrate with my sport and everyday life. It’s something I will keep doing all my life!

Dominic, Professional Boxer

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