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How Can You Develop a More Positive Attitude?

Judith Lissing, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation Coach, Double Bay, Sydney

So how do we achieve this optimistic attitude to life, if we were not lucky enough to be born with it?

Certainly genetics plays a role. All parents know that some children are born with a cheery disposition whilst others need more encouragement to see the brighter side of situations. But a positive attitude can also be learned.

Some of the tools that may be used to develop optimism and improve well-being include:

Meditation >


We tend to think more negative thoughts when we are stressed. Learning how to manage stress in the 21st century is a challenge for most people. There are many techniques that can be easily learned and incorporated into busy lives, including mindfulness, breathing exercises and meditation. A Personal Trainer for Your Mind conducts regular group lessons in Mindfulness Meditation.



Hypnotherapy >


Before we can go anywhere we must be able to get a sense of where we want to go. During hypnosis a client may be guided to see, or get a sense of, where or how they want to be, in a positive framework.

The client is always in full control and may choose to accept or reject and suggestions offered by the hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy can also be helpful to create a general sense of health and well-being, and there are many peer-reviewed articles published on both the physical and mental effects of hypnosis and creative visualisation (one of the tools of hypnosis) and their usefulness in assisting in the management of stress & anxiety, acute and chronic pain, infertility & cancer, as well as helping clients to stop smoking and lose weight.



Coaching is an emerging profession that began about 25 years ago, first in executive leadership, followed by life coaching. Coaches work in partnership with their clients to set goals, define an action plan, and navigate the path until they reach their goals, facilitating learning along the way.

A Wellness Coach enables change by focusing on a client’s stated needs, values, vision, and goals and helping to bring out his/her personal best in relation to their health and well-being, for example losing weight, stop smoking, increasing physical activity.





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